This the blog of WISR MA student, Jill Arrington, who previously completed her BA at WISR. Jill is employed at Berkeley Youth Alternatives full-time as the Program Coordinator of their S.A.F.E. Haven Youth Shelter for youth ages 13-17. She is also Self-Employed as the passionate CEO of Beyond Your Horizons and Anger Management and Beyond, an inspired speaking and empowerment coaching company for the “success ready” woman of color and teens. Currently, she holds a credential in Career and Technical Education (CTE), and is a Certified Professional Coach; Youth, Parent and Family Coach and Certified Anger Management Facilitator. [ http://beyondyourhorizons.com and http://angermanagementandbeyond.com/ ]
Her work at WISR includes collaborating on youth community projects, papers and action research with other WISR students and community stakeholders. Her Thesis is on Coaching Across Cultures: A Universal Model, where she explores a resiliency coaching framework to understand and uncover methodologies and resources that women from different cultures have developed to move through crisis, trauma and hardship.

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